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Top 3 Best Smartphone in 2022

The whole world will be in your hand by the smartphone. Once upon a time, the mobile phone was used as a medium of communication with each other. But nowadays the android phone has become everything in human life. We can’t think about our daily life without phones.

It seems that our life will come to a standstill without a phone. When we lose our favorite android phone then it seems our partner has been losing. Depression attacks us. Its multiple functions and facilities can help the most important matters in our life.

Most of the important tasks are dependent on the android phone such as conversations, massaging, video chat, social media, making videos, photography, studying, language learning, time watching, alarm, calendar, calculation, learning anything, and so on. If you want the best performance in all of your works you have to need the best phone. The best phone can meet all your demands as you want.


Top 3 Best Phone in smartphone

Every people want to get the best phone for his demand but it is very tough to select the best phone in the market. Do you want to get the best phone in the world? We have information about the best phone which has the best and highest quality.  Just visit “3topic” and choose the best phone.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Smartphone

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is my ultra-choice-able phone. For choice, it has some extra quality.  It has   128 GB memory,   carrier subscription, and 6.7-inch super retina XDR display with Promotion that can provide you a faster and extra responsive feel. It can shift focus automatically in your videos with a cinematic mode that adds shallow depth of field.

Do you want to make crystal clear videos and capture striking photos? 

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max has the complete ability to make crystal clear videos and capture striking photos. It has LiDAR Scanner, macro photography, 6x optical zoom range, photographic styles, night mode, ProRes video, smart HDR 4, Apple ProRAW, 4K Dolby Vision HDR recording with new 12MP Telephoto, Wide, and Ultra Wide cameras.

Your selfie and video chat can also be outstanding and wonderful with its 12MP TrueDepth front camera that has 4K Dolby Vision HDR recording and night mode.

It has an A15 Bionic chip that helps lightning-fast performance. This iPhone bears the best battery life ever an iPhone. You will enjoy video playback for up to 28 hours.

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It is made with ceramic shied and durable design. This iPhone is Industry-leading IP68 water resistance and 5G capable. Enjoy more convenience of the iPhone with its new features of iOS 15 packs.

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SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone is a topper smartphone. It can show high-quality performance. You can use its 128GB, S pen, brightest display, long battery life, 8K camera and video, US version, fast 4nm processor, and unlocked factory. All these facilities are the topper facilities. Its color is phantom black.

Wow! You will get to enjoy an 8K super steady video. Your interesting and epic life can be shoot smoothly with its stunning 8K recording that record will be crystal clear. This smartphone is able to capture effortlessly video with the highest recording resolution. It has also an autofocus video stabilization system.

Portrait mode and Nightography are important matters of a smartphone. If you want to capture smooth, bright videos and pics you can use portrait and night mode on this SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone. You can make your all photos worthy of a frame with portrait and night mode that can adjust and detects for center or front your pics and videos.

Do you want to use a high resolution and bright display on the smartphone?

SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone has 108MP resolution and a bright display with a vision booster that will display your special content more epic and brightest. It has an adaptive color contrast system that helps you automatically optimize brightness and color for indoor and outdoor.

Everyone wants to get a long-lasting battery life and fast charging charger. You can enjoy the stream all day long with this smartphone that can reserve its charge with 45W super-fast charging. Also it has an embedded s pen that is for editing photos and videos with pinpoint accuracy. Your new phone and new S pen provide you a feel of pen to paper.

You can get premium design and craftsmanship that brings super looks to this smartphone.  Eye-catching glass-metal-glass design and classy design make it unbeatable. This durable and lightweight phone is made with the latest Gorilla Glass and the strongest aluminum frame that can tolerate dings and scratches. You can get also an USB cable

Google Pixel 6 Pro Smartphone

Google Pixel 6 Pro is an unlocked smartphone that has a 128GB memory capacity, telephoto lens, and advanced pixel camera. It is a 5G android phone. Its color is stormy black. This new redesigned Pixel 6 Pro is the fastest and smartest Pixel that will provide you the flexibility to change carriers, and also help to choose your data plan.

The first powerful Google tensor processor is made for Pixel and designed by Google. You can get a new level of performance. The wide and ultra-wide lenses, the main sensor, and 4x optical zoom of the advanced camera system can capture 150% more light in the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

If you want to make your photos sharper, focused, and more accurate then you can use Pixel’s Motion Mode, Magic Eraser, and Portrait Mode professional tools which can sharper and more beautiful a face.

This smartphone has the convenience of fast charging which help you to use it all day. You can also protect your phone with the next-gen Titan M2 chip, hardware layers, and 5 years of security updates.

Do you need a more modern experience?

You can enjoy an intuitive and modern experience with Google Pixel 6 Pro. Its outstanding colors will reflect your personal style. Without any app, internet, or language courses you can live video captions, translates private chats and messages, and sign in up to 55 languages on this smartphone by live translate.

It has a 6.7-inch LTPO smooth display which is made with Gorilla’s toughest glass. Scrolling and gaming will be smooth and perfect with up to a 120Hz refresh rate.


Can a phone help us most of the important matters?

A phone can help us with most the important matters if the phone is a smartphone. You can use it for conversation to photography and a lot of important tasks. The whole world will be in your hand by the smartphone.

Why you have to need of a smartphone?

We have to need a smartphone for learning anything, studying, browsing websites, listening to music, playing games, watching movies, video chatting, working from anywhere, and checking emails, photography and so on.

Why is longer battery life important?

Longer battery life is very important because we worry about charging. For the longest time of usage, a bigger battery capacity is needed that can help you in any task for a long time.

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