Video gaming throbs the heart of thousands of gamers. The realm is turning more realistic, filled with actions and heartfelt stories. Thanks to the advancing mode of technology.

You’ll indeed need a game console if you’re interested in exploring the world of video games. Though it’s a must-have, finding the right console for the new-gen games seems tricky.

Each game console claims to offer something slightly or immensely different. Be it design, graphical power, game availability, or performance.

That’s why for hard-core gamers like you, we’ve curated the top 3 best gaming consoles in 2022 right here. Let’s get you there.

Top 3 Best Gaming consoles

Top 3 Best Gaming consoles

Top 3 Best Gaming Consoles

Sony PlayStation 5

Meet the fastest-selling gaming console to date that tops in next-gen gaming: Sony PlayStation 5. You can call it PS5. So, what makes it the number one game console of the year? Let’s unlock the secrets!

It’s a powerful console with fast performance and stunning graphics. Thanks to its processor, storage drive, and strong graphics card. PS5 is a DualSense controller that brings incredible haptics feedback.

Thus haptic motors give you a more realistic feel. You’re sure to praise its graphical enhancements like ray tracing. The console triggers are refined and adjustable to add accuracy while gaming.

All of the features combine to level up your gameplay. You can see its solid 4K UHD drive (Blu-ray). To pour extra fluidity into your game and make it more responsive, PS5 delivers 60-120 FPS.

As a result, you can load any heavy and demanding game with a fast load time and minor buff. Special thanks to its SSD with a custom design. It gives 825 GB as storage. Now let’s talk about its two versions.

One is the disk edition. On the other hand, you’ll get the digital edition that offers a low price but lacks a disk drive. You can separate it from its competitors owing to its higher gaming fidelity, enhanced particle effects, extreme performance, and high quality!

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Microsoft Xbox Series X

If you’re a fan of racing games, simulation titles, and sports series, the Microsoft Xbox Series X is the best console to pick. All the famous Fans of the genres will surely to happy knowing the contents of the Xbox game library.

Xbox’s game catalog includes excellent titles such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, Forza Horizon 5, popular sports series, and the Halo Infinite. With its Xbox Game Pass subscription, you get access to various gaming genres and games.

With 4K resolution visuals, advanced ray tracing, impressive frame rates up to 120 frames per second, and all its technical specs, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X gives a dream-like performance. Fast and Accurate!

We bet it’s undoubtedly a tech powerhouse. You’ll see the console features 12 teraflops (TFLOPS). Thus, it makes sure its processor manages up to 12 trillion floating point calculations each second on average.

The Xbox X caters for better game response with variable refresh rates, low latency modes, and variable rate shading tech. You’re about to bag 16 GB GDDR6 RAM and 1 TB SSD for storage.

All its extensive game library supports backward compatibility. Hence even with your updated software, you can run the older versions. It claims to bring up the best performance in gamers with next-gen games and wow them all!

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Nintendo Switch OLED

Are you a Nintendo Switch console fan? Welcome its newest addition, the Switch OLED. If you’re into handheld gaming, mark it, it’s the top console pick.

So you’re sure to think about what marks the difference between OLED and other Nintendo versions. The other Nintendo Switches came with an LCD. Unlike Shakespear’s quote, it’s in the name. Yes, you guessed right.

The handheld console offers an OLED display, 7 inches big. Now, what’s OLED? It’s a tech that gives you better picture quality, more vivid, and brighter. Such screens are light thin and offer the best visual angle.

Now let’s get you to its most notable change. Nintendo Switch OLED adds a kickstand at the back of the console. It’s made of thick and tough plastic. Thus, you’ll find it sturdy to use. Moreover, you’re free to set it to angles up to 140°, more than enough flexibility.

If you have used its other versions before, you’ll notice its power button is slightly bigger. But to speak of its performance, 60 FPS when docked (1080P) or handheld (720P) seems terrific for gaming.

Be it digitally downloaded or via cartridge. The console is compatible with all Switch games. For storage, it offers 64 GB. Adding more, it houses improved speakers and an ethernet port on its docking tray.

And, yes. With its splendid battery life, you get to carry it for gaming and play for non-stop 4.5-9 hours. So, to sum up, it’s a sleek and portable game console gamers must have to upgrade their gaming experience!

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To cut your troubles of finding the right pick for your video games, we’ve listed our top 3 best gaming consoles of the year.

By now, you’re sure to grab the right console for you. So get ready to conquer the gaming world with the best gaming console in your hands!

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What is the frame rates top gaming consoles can offer?

The latest Sony PS5 is the top game console that offers 120 FPS at max. Thus, high frame rates add accuracy to your gaming experience. You’re sure to enjoy more responsiveness while gaming. Other game consoles like the Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch can provide up to 60 FPS. That seems enough for any gaming!

What’s the specialty in the display of the Nintendo Switch OLED gaming console?

Nintendo Switch OLED comes with a 7″ big OLED display. The OLED feature makes it different from other game console competitors. Its pixels are self-illuminating, so you get a vivid visual. The colors won’t wash away, regardless of the angle you’re watching. Moreover, unlike LEDs and LCDs, such displays are lighter and thinner.

Does top game consoles offer high TFLOPS?

TFLOP is a measurement of your console’s performance. It’s a core factor for graphics and performance action calculation. Yes, gaming consoles like the Microsoft Xbox Series X offer the highest teraflops. It adds up to 12 TFLOPS. Such a vast amount improves processor and graphics, which aid in your gaming.

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