A new year brings you new hope. The same goes for your upcoming gadgets. If you’re trying to make this year more organized, a new PC or laptop may come in handy.

With PC comes years of reliability. You all are sure to agree that you really can’t carry your computers. Ugh, such a downside. But that’s when you feel the need for a portable PC.

And then laptops cope with grabbing your notice. After all, your laptops seem to manage each phase of your life. Starting from school, office, or home tasks to paying bills and ordering daily essentials, laptops do all.

Top 3 Best Laptop Brand In 2022

Top 3 Best Laptop Brand In 2022

But selecting a best laptop of your choice that performs well at the same time is not an easy task. For that, you would need to dive into the gadget’s specs and details. So how to pick the best one?

Well, stay calm. It’s because you’ve reached the place that can lead you closer to your goal. Curious to know? Make sure to read our reviews on the top 3 best laptop brand in 2022. You’re sure to fit all your laptop needs in one brand right here.

Let’s take your curiosity to the peak and give you a tour of the three best laptop brands!

Top 3 Best Laptop Brand




The brand that assures you of reliability and high quality it’s indeed Apple. You’re sure to agree on that. With time, you may find other brands to bite the dust, but it claims to last a pretty long time.

Thanks to its updates that support outdated laptops. When you decide to go for a MacBook, you know what features to expect. A fantastic screen, an elegant thin bezel frame, and a battery life that serves more than average.

Well, as a brand Apple itself represents a reliable product that comes with a high price. They tend to cross the price bar compared to their Windows counterparts. Apple is surely a great call if it is about ease of use, style, and best performance.

Talking about updates, you’re sure to notice how Apple drew back its controversial Touch Bar. Instead, it added its CPUs with undeniable fast action and connectivity. The keyboard designs grab the user’s extra attention with the Apple lines.

Now it keeps adding its internal ARM M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, plus many other chips and variants. With all these spectacular features, you attain better performance and speed. So, it’s time to turn yourself into an Apple fan!

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HP is a reputed brand that promises to bring fast performing laptops to your door. If you take a deep look at the latest HP laptops, you’ll see a cluster of design cues from other peers. As a result, they’ve managed to raise the bar.

Let’s bring some of its specs to your gaze. First is its display. The new AMOLED version brings a vibrant and incredibly bright display for you. If you’re a Netflix binge-watcher, creative type, or alike, the device will sure take your breath.

Next, an exciting catch-up will be with its processors. With an upgrade to the 11 Gen Intel’s Tiger Lake chips, the HP laptop’s performance is at its peak. Updated features are something laptop users always admire.

You’ll love how the HP brands are now turning their laptops into premium and portable ones. Options like the 2-in-1 Spectre X360 14 steal the show and continue to impress users. HP brings its fast, easy to run, and powerful notebooks for personal tasks.

They present your latest line of laptops with a gem-cut design, a sleek look, a long-lasting battery, and a thin body for portability. Get ready to make room for its strong hardware lineups.

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When it’s about bringing you competent and budget models, you’re sure to rely on Lenovo as a reputed brand. Be it any gaming or performance needs you to ask for from a laptop. All its specs make it stand out.

We’ve always linked Lenovo with reliability. Thanks to its series of workhorse ThinkPad or IdeaPad laptops. Lasting a long life, they’ve made space in classrooms and offices years after years.

It is not limited to personal uses. It sets up its features to serve as the best business laptops. With zero compromises on specs, the brand has managed to bring 2-in-1 laptops plus an ultra-portable device. Impressive, isn’t it?

It’s always ready to welcome and update its processor with the latest generation. Some of its lines add GPUs for superb graphics and performance. You’ll like its sleek body and beautiful screen.

The latest one comes with a detachable screen feature too. What a combo of unique features, better performance, and reliability! And it’s the brand Lenovo that makes it possible.

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Final Say

Laptops with their revolutionizing trait are now a must-have. You can’t really deny its bit-to-bit gravity surrounding your daily tasks. So to stay up-to-date, branded laptops make room in your life.

But then you can’t risk pouring your money on laptops that aren’t reliable. Hence, we’ve shortened your searching journey and pulled down your list to the Top 3 best laptop brand in 2022.

Our reviews will make sure you end up with a branded laptop you fancy. So, get ready to surprise yourself with an outstanding performance your laptop is about to give!


What type of operating system (OS) should I get on my laptop?

Unless you’re an Apple user, most laptops support Windows as OS. It supports gaming, browsing, and running any heavy software or apps. If you’re looking for the Microsoft product alternative for budget laptops, you can go for Google’s Chrome OS. Now for Apple users, we recommend Mac OS. Apart from the regular performance, it gives you access to Apple exclusive apps.

What type of screen makes a top-notch laptop?

Screens and displays are crucial for laptop users. A dense screen packs more pixels in a specific area. Thus your onscreen images seem sharper, texts look crispier, and colors come out better and more vibrant. To figure out your screen needs, you need to check the native resolution. It’s in terms of pixels (horizontal vs. vertical). For a full-HD resolution, you better go for 1080p (1920 by 1080 pixels) display.

How extended is the warranty for top laptop brands?

Most laptops add a 1-year warranty. However, top brands such as Apple, HP, and Lenovo offer a wide range of extended warranties. It gives you coverage for accidental damage. A plus point indeed. However, you better check your benefits guide and the brand’s standard plans too. It’ll give you intensive ideas on the warranty’s coverage list.

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