The palm-sized gadgets have turned to the center of our lives. Yes, you must agree that we’re living in an era entirely dominated by phones.

It’s not any single device.Instead, it works as a calling and messaging device, your camera, GPS roadway and tracker, web browser, music player, and whatnot. As a result, your one phone choice can indeed affect your life in tons of ways.

As 2022 is stretching out, you’ll notice a lot of potentials and innovations adding to smartphones. That’s why to help you bag the exact pick you desire; we bring you the top best 3 phone brands 2022.

So, let’s cut your searching period to half and find you that one brilliant piece of the device!

Top 3 Best Phone Brands 2022

Top 3 Best Phone Brands 2022

Top 3 Best Phone Brands 2022


Apple is the brand that makes it top and stands apart from others for not using Android. When it comes to updating, designs, and hardware quality, the brand keeps setting a benchmark.

You’ll get a responsive performance for its powerful and intelligent chips. You may find the phones boldly expensive. But its superior design takes the call, and the classy features ask you to go for it. A brilliant combo it shows!

All its specifications are almost unmatched. Apple started its drive in 1976 with Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak, and Steve Jobs. You’re sure to note the brand is known today for its top-notch iPhones.

It has managed to make a large customer base. Thus, it turns out to be an aspirational brand for people all over the globe. Keeping up-to-date with the tech, the company maintains its quality with evolving design.

At present, the brand has approached about 40 countries. It has its existence in 499 retail stores in around 22 nations. It first unveiled its 1st gen iPhone in 2007 and updated up to iPhone 13 in the regular version, Pro and Pro Max versions.

You’ll see that its revenue showed 229 billion dollars in 2017. But with the latest iPhone models, sales are growing enormously in global markets. All its future generation phones feature high specs and face ID in their full-screen display.

If you go for its signature products, i.e., iPhones, you’re sure to admire its advanced cameras, both front, and back, with a high resolution. The picture quality is spectacular so are its high refresh rates.

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Samsung never disappoints you with the marvelous designs and specs that come into its phones. It’s a brand that keeps adding new features as the generations upgrade and demand more.

Whether you’re in the mood of splurging on a wallet-busting phone or scrimping on a regular phone, the Korean brand brings all to the table. It claims to produce phones in multiple price ranges.

A combo of brilliant features in a variety of prices is its quality that not all companies can attain. Thus, it higher the bar for the competition. Now let’s dig and gather more about the brand and company.

So, Samsung Electronics is a part of the Samsung group. The reputed South Korean company has its headquarter in the Samsung town of Seol. Lee Byung-Chul paved the journey of Samsung as a trading company in 1938.

Later the group brought diversities, and it made its entry to the electronics sector in the late 1960s. And from that time, the brand flourished, adding surprising elements to its phones.

You’re sure to know that Samsung mobile is now the market leader in the industry of smartphones. Extending its offers for mid or low-priced phones to high-end ones, the brand created a large customer base.

Its latest products include Samsung Galaxy S7 edge+, Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S series, and Z series. So with this top mobile brand, you’re sure to get the best phone experience in terms of audio quality, sleek appearance, hardware, software quality, and what not!
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Another Android phone to grab every mobile users’ attention is the Google brand phone. It’s hard to beat the performance it adds with the latest chipsets and better visuals or display.

With its new Pixel 6 and Pro editions, Google has managed to shake things up for 2022. All thanks to its new Tensor silicon, new designs, improved cameras.

Thus you’re sure to achieve a refreshed Android experience! All the features the brand keeps updating to its phone create a benchmark.

You’ll also love its response when it comes to handling grunting apps and games. With its new AI addition to the phones, they boast of raising its performance.

To help you spend your wallet wisely, the brand promotes max affordable 5G-ready phones. You’re sure to get amazed with its fast processors and extra storage for both RAM and ROM.

The latest phone of the brand comes with two rear cameras having a central lens of 12.2Mp and a wide lens of 16Mp. You’ll also get an 8Mp front camera with a single punch hole.

Thus, you get the best experience with high-quality hardware packed in a single phone of Google!
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Final Say

No matter where you live, a piece of handheld mobile phone is a must. But that doesn’t mean you need to go with any phone that comes first to your sight. Not at all.

Instead, to fulfill all your expectations, you need unique features and specs in your smartphone. That’s why we listed the top best 3 phone brand 2022 to ease your life.

Check them with zero delays!

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What kind of operating system does the Apple brand phones support?

The Apple brand supports the world’s 2nd most installed OS next to Android, iOS. iOS stands for iPhone operating system, which first started in 2007 for the 1st-gen Apple phones.

What percentage of market share does the Samsung brand have?

At the present stage, Samsung claims to have nearly 20% of the market share, with 272 million units shipped per year. Thus, it tops the phone brands list globally.

Do you know why the top 2 phone brands, Google and Samsung, collaborate?

Recently, Google and Samsung teamed up with an aim to fabricate and co-develop the Tensor SoC. Tensor is a custom silicon piece (chip) of Google that boosts its efficiency at things the company prioritizes, such as workloads on machine learning.

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